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The administrative institution is responsible for educational and research affairs. The Office of Academic Affairs is in charge of the educational administration, which is subdivided into four divisions. The details for each are illustrated as follows.

Registration Division
The main responsibility is to hold students’ entrance examination, school rolls, registration, school reports, various kinds of application forms, student cards, course selection, students' regulations, and the draft of application of double majors and minors, etc.

Curriculum Division
Curriculum Division services instruction, curriculum arrangement and revision, etc. The division also arranges and schedules classrooms, prints classroom charts which are posted in individual classrooms, tallies up teaching hours for full-time and part-time instructors, and calculates instructors’ hourly wages.

Comprehensive Affairs Divison
Comprehensive Affairs Division manages matters such as the publication of the university journal, school bulletin, brochures for new students, overseas Chinese student enrollment, promotion of recruitment, etc. The division is also responsible for the issue of campus news, subsidy of academic activities, subsidy of teachers, student recruitment and students who go abroad, and reward of faculty academic research, creation, and presentation.

Center for Teaching and Learning Development
The center is a service-oriented unit which provides teaching sophisticated learning activities, teaching consulting, training teaching assistants (TA), promoting digital teaching as well as exploring curriculum improvement. It also provides our students and teachers  with teaching support to create a sustainable innovative, high-quality teaching and learning environment which is full of positive dynamics.